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The Heart of the Matter Home School Online Conference 

Sterling Silver Teach Your Children Bracelet

won by Crystal

Share HIS Story was pleased to be a sponsor of The Heart of the Matter Home Schooling Online Conference.  Crystal won Share HIS Story’s new Teach Your Children’s Bracelet based on Deuteronomy 6:5-7:“Love the LORD your God with all your heart (Heart with cross charm) and with all your soul and with all your strength.  These Commandments that I give to you today are to be upon your hearts.  Impress them upon your children (ABC charm).  Talk to them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road,when you lie down and when you get up.”

Crystal‘s bracelets (shown above) represents her 4 children’s birthstones (October, August, March and March) and is the Sterling Silver Bracelet.  She shared this with us when she received word of winning…. “I am very excited about winning the Teach Your Children Bracelet.  It looks so pretty and I am sure it will be a reminder everyday that I wear it of what special things God has done for my family.  THANK YOU!”

The Teach Your Children Bracelet is available in either sterling silver or silver plated can be seen at Share HIS Story


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A dear friend recently asked me about the inspiration for the design and creation of the Serenity Prayer bracelet.  After thinking about her question, I realized that the first step was the prayer itself – it gripped my heart.  The prayer represents to me, in simple and few words, what God wants me to do.  For me, having serenity means realizing that God is at my side every day and I can be at peace with things that are out of my direct control ….. and, I can put the worry aside;  having courage means to trust God to help me to step out of my comfort zone to deal with hard issues, which I often prefer to run from;  and having wisdom means to recognize that God is in control, not me.  He has the plan for my life, and I need to be aware of what He is calling me to do (and not do!) 

Once the thought was planted to design a bracelet to reflect the 3 major prayer points, I  visited with Tandy, a friend and owner of a local bead store, and asked her what colors represented Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom to her.  She told me:  Serenity is pacific blue;  courage is purple, and wisdom is gold.  I purchased the 3 Swarovski crystals in 2 sizes, and was off and running with our prototype designs. 

That’s it — in retrospect, I think that often God nudges me in bracelet design based upon where my life is at…. when I look back at our bracelet series, I can see that process (our He So Loved the World bracelet, John 3:16 bracelet was designed shortly after my first year of bible study, and our Fruit of the Spirit bracelet was designed when I began to understand how our behavior is modified when the Holy Spirit works through us.)   

Other times, I receive input from customers and do my best to respond to that input.  So….. please keep the ideas coming.

What does the Serenity Prayer mean to you?  Please let us know!

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Share HIS Story is proud to be a sponsor of Heart of The Matter Online Magazine Mother’s Day Contest.  We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the My Family Story Bracelet is Christina Barricks and her family.  Pictured below is Christina’s gift from Share HIS Story ~ her personalized My Family Story Bracelet… 



Christina’s sister Tristan Rowlee submitted the following story about her sister…



I want to nominate Christina Barrick. She is an amazing young homeschooling mom, and my sister. She and her husband Justin have 3 children so far, Isaiah is 6, Justin is 3 and Hannah is 6 mos.




Her husband serves our country in the Army and has already been deployed for a year to Kuwait when Justin was just 1. He will be deploying again, this time to Iraq, during the next school year. They have moved recently to the Fort Lewis base in Washington State, far from any family. My sister is so good at teaching her boys in the way they learn best, following their interests, and making learning fun. I know that being chosen for this gift could make the next year of homeschooling easier and more manageable for her, and free up a lot of her preparation time to spend every possible minute with Daddy before he leaves. Homeschooling helps their family to BE a family. It gives them the time to make memories for the times they aren’t together.


I know having things ready to use would also make homeschooling doable once daddy deploys. I have watched her be a single parent, doing all the teaching, shopping, and caring for a young family the last time he had to deploy. There are no breaks or time off for her. No one else can stay up with a sick child. No one else will be there to watch the kids while she gets groceries or library books, or gets the car fixed. She will have to take three young children with her everywhere. No one will be able to help with baths. She’ll shower as quick as she can and hope the kids don’t take apart the house while she’s in there.


She will have to comfort three little children who miss their daddy every day, all the while not knowing if he will make it home safely or become another soldier lost in action. Every time the news says another soldier was injured or killed she will have to wonder if it was her husband, and wait for his next phone call or letter.


And when those letters or calls come she will have to comfort and strengthen her sweetheart who is seeing humanity at its worst. She will have to help the little ones hold the phone so they can talk to daddy, and try not to cry when they ask how soon he’s coming home. Every time there is a knock at the door she will be afraid to answer it, because there might be a uniformed officer on the other side with news no wife wants to hear, that her husband gave his life so others can live free. She is so far from family (we are in Ohio) that there will be no one to share the burden with.


I don’t know how she does it. She amazes me with her trust in God to provide for her family and watch over her husband. She humbles me on the days when I feel like complaining that my husband got home late from work or I need a break from the kids. She won’t see her husband for a year or more, she won’t have any breaks to regain peace. She will keep going, day after day, because she is the mommy, and that is what moms do. They keep the family together even when they are half a world away.

When contacted, Christina shared this with us, “I have seen your bracelets and they are beautiful and I am so excited to have one! It’s such a wonderful way to celebrate our family and our love of the Lord.  I have to say I have the greatest sister ever!”  We also want Christina to know that if their family continues to grow in size, more Swarovski Crystals can be added (just contact Share HIS Story for more details).

Share HIS Story is proud of the Barrick Family for serving our Lord, their Family and our Country faithfully.  Many Blessings are sent their way along with her bracelet.



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Several years ago, I read a story in Today’s Christian Woman Magazine about a company called Share His Story.  SHS creates scripture bracelets that compels people to ask about about their bracelets which allows the wearer to share their faith story.  Share God’s Story by Sharing Your Story.  Just a few months later, I was pleased to meet the owner, Jan  at a Hearts at Home event where both Reminders of Faith and Share His Story were exhibiting.  Our missions of creating items that would encourage and help people remember God’s faithfulness was similar and at other events we would enjoy sharing time together.

During that time, I asked Jan about creating a family bracelet around the Scripture from Joshua 24:15 when Joshua proclaims that …”as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”  She designed the bracelet that you see above from this verse.

My bracelet (shown in the picture) is made of Austrian Swarovski Crystal with my husband’s & my birth months (March and August) , then our 3 daughter’s birth months (July, March & January), surrounding the cross is the month that we were married (September) and completing the bracelet is the cross placed in the middle.

I wear this bracelet almost evey day and have the opportunity  to share my family story as well as my faith.  As people ask me about this special piece of jewelry, I start by telling them it is the story of my family – explaining the representation of the birth months of our family.  I then tell that we were married in September 26 years ago and it is the work of the cross that has kept us our marriage together and is the center of our life.  I always end with the by sharing the verse … “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Oh, the great conversations this piece of jewelry evokes with people as we talk about the gift of children, how hard marriage can be, the joys of knowing the Savior and sometimes the struggle of unbelief.  I also enjoy wearing several other of Share His bracelets – Find Strength Through Him and The Fruit of the Spirit.  This is the company that I am now the Director of Marketing and Affiliates (if you have a blog and would like to affiliate with SHS or are interested in this company in any way- please feel free to contact me). I am thankful that the Lord has opened the door to use my calling to encourage people to remember His faithfulness. 

It is a blessing to share my family story with you through Share His Story and how the Lord is working through beautiful jewelry to share what He is doing in the lives of His people.

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We are so glad that you are visiting us via our new blog.  This is an exciting way to communicate the message of Share HIS Story jewelry ~ from creation of each piece to the stories we receive back from our customers.

Share HIS Story is about lifestyle evangelism – meaning that communicating how our faith impacts us is integrated into our daily lives.  As we wear the Share HIS Story Jewelry and share the stories of God’s faithfulness in our lives – it is comfortable and natural – not a forced talk.

Each piece of Share HIS Story jewelry has been created by human hands with God’s divine invention.  It is exciting to see a piece of jewelry come to completion and to realise how God directed it each step of the way.

We hope you will stop back here often for our news and to tell us how you are “sharing your story”. 

Jan & Sandra

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